Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Nature Bikers Club

Nature Bikers Club was started in this not too small town but very busy town of Batu Pahat, Johor with lots of places for outdoor activities in year 2008 by our president Terry Ho,a sales representative in a car line who loves nature and outdoor activities like fishing,camping,4WD,hashing and last but not least MOUNTAIN BIKING.
Or Nature Bikers Club started out with few and today we have around 40 very bubbly,enthusiastic and hardcore members,young and old from all walks of life and with a member who owns a bicycle shop where we would normally drop by in the evening to chi-chat,kaypoh and updating on the upcoming events and happenings in town or outstation.
We do have joint ride and participated in a few events organized by outstation mountain biking clubs namely PCC/MCC/Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Hash/Taiping Mountain Bike Club and Singapore Biking ride too.We have our own ride to Bekok Taman Negara,Endau Rompin Taman Negara not too long ago and many more to come.
We ride on every Sunday at 7.00am.Our normal distance ride is about 30km off-road.
All are welcome to join us if you wants to get your adrenalin flowing...SWEAT IT OUT!!!